10 June 2012


I had a 1Citizen class yesterday...it started at 0900 and ended around 1800
it was about how to be a good citizen when you are using the internet
or something like that
did't pay attention much... ;p
anyway, we got to take an exam after that
it was supposed to be today...but the others wanted to do it yesterday as they wanted to go back today...
out of 1000, I got 889...so, I passed.!.gonna get cert for that...
aaannnddd...I was a bit surprised...coz I did the exercise quite badly...tihihi...
but the not so best part was the part where we had to do something to get the other cert
a portfolio... ('~')
we have to create something based on the taught modules, implement some 1Malaysia in it and pick a theme for our portfolio
it could be anything..maybe a photo, poster, video or some stuff like that
I was thinking of doing a photo with the theme 'internet predators'
wanna do it with Lincha actually..coz she did 'sad' and 'terrified' better than I did... >_<
hope we can
and damn, I hate 'assignments' when it's already exam time


lettersfromlaunna said...

Class drives me crazy too... I am one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute. Not a great way to to be but with my busy life it is the only way I can handle any classes :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

but it worst when it was just something that you have to go to
and you don't even register for it