07 June 2012

out with baby bro

on Tuesday, I went to Mid Valley with my baby bro, Adam to watch some movies
I was treating him for his b-day...he's 13 now, btw
we managed to get good seats for 'Man in Black 3' and 'Snow White'
MIB3 was very entertaining and funny
as for 'Snow White', I slept during half of the movie as I was really sleepy... >_<
besides, I'd already watched it with my friends before
and during that time, the cinema was damn freaking cold
we balled ourselves up to keep in the heat...Adam even put his hands inside his shirt the whole time coz it was freezing
brrr... ~('~')~
what was interesting at MV that time was a Mickey Mouse exhibition
it was called 'Mickey Through the Years', if I'm not mistaken
it had all these Mickeys painted and decorated by various people and companies and organizations
there were some from art students, Body Shop, the news...and many more
and they were all so damn amazing!!!

one of the projects there

 they were displayed in cases around the Centre Court

 simply love these creepy Mickeys...hehehe...

 and these were some of the bigger ones;

 I couldn't remember who did the one on the left, but I knew it was about how lace was the 'in-thing' in fashion for the season

 and I adore the devil Mickey on the right...would love to have it in my room...

 and this was the view from above...pretty creative how they did it, weren't they...

other than that, I also bought a pair of black shoes from Momoe
the design was exactly like my red ones
and another interesting happened on the way back
Adam vomited in the train...the horror!!!...hahaha
luckily, I was able to keep on a cool head and we went down at the next station
got him cleaned up (not much to do since it didn't get on his clothes...phew...)
and took the next train home
well, good thing he wasn't sick or anything
maybe the food we ate before just disagree with him
coz I ate what he ate and thank goodness I'm okay
and now, I can't wait for my sis, Canca, to get back from London
so we can discuss on the room painting

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