22 June 2012

worst paper ever

I just finished with the second last paper, Event Management, and I'm still feeling a bit pissed off
the questions were not really that hard, but they were just so oh troublesome... '-_-
the objective questions were damn confusing...and it was mostly because of the way the languages were used...and yup languageS with the 's'... >_<
the questions were bilinguals...Malay and English...and they were both tend to be ungrammatical and the words were mixed up sometimes..it took me a few tries to understand them properly...besides, my sleepy hangover was a bit on the way...hurmmm...
the, in the next section, we were supposed to calculate some profit and expenses and things like that...the maths were pretty easy but it was a bit hard to put in the data and numbers since there was some confusion on the wordings...and of course, when asked, she said to 'follow the stated numbers'...~sigh~
and the second question on the second section were horrible...I totally butchered the damn thing...
enough to say that I mutilated the paper
haish...I just hope I still got a pretty decent marks


lettersfromlaunna said...

That has to be difficult to contend with two languages. I am glad I only have to deal with one. My youngest is in French Immersion but they don't make her do the work in both English and French. She does need to know both languages:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

yeah, kinda
it's a bit difficult as there were some mistakes in grammar and spelling and word order