16 June 2012

the room

well, my sis just got back from London yesterday...
so, I asked her what she wants to do with our room...like does she want a specific colour or what else...
but she said she didn't mind what I did to the room
so, I was thinking of painting it a lilac colour...well, I prefer darker but since the room doesn't get any sun light, it'll be a cave... >_<
and I was thinking of buying black bed covers...or maybe dark purple...since mommy might have an opinion about that...hohoho
as for the closets, mommy already have a few ideas...I just want lots of racks to put my ornaments and decorations and stuff...hehe...
now, I'm not sure whether I really want to paint the room or not...if I'm gonna, I'll have to do it before I go back to school next Wednesday, or Thursday
and better install the closets quick before I start my short sem...if mommy wants to
well, lets just see about it
/(~~, )\

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