29 June 2012

short semester

well, for this second year, I gotta take a third semester
or summer classes or short sem...well, you got the drift
and for this short sem, we gotta take 2 subjects, in order to avoid having to extend my year at UPM...and also some of my friends...
2 subjects, 3 credits each, every week may sounds easy, but not so much
since it's a short sem, we gotta squeeze 14 weeks of lesson into 7 weeks
so, from 6 hours, to 12 hours a week...and 3 hours straight each day for one subject
and the first week went smoothly enough...though, I felt sleepy for most of the classes
and we got a quiz next week..on Thursday...hope I manage to study in time
well, good luck to me!!!


lettersfromlaunna said...

Good luck, I know what it is like cramming more information into a short period of time... it can be done but it is exhausting. I am sure you will do great:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

thank you
I hope so too