28 February 2011


so, how do i use diz again

27 February 2011

smells i like

top 5 smells i like
  1. sweet...i can noe when a drink sweetness is not da way i like it
  2. b4 da rain falls...it calms me...the wet earthy smell
  3. books...new or old
  4. blood...human n fresh, i mean...luv da coppery tangy smell of it
  5. nail polish...i think im addicted 2 it...hehe
p/s:...but i do think my sense of smell still need 2 b upgraded...tihihi

oh, really

jus coz i love u, doesnt meant i like u
juz coz i like u, doesnt meant i love u
n juz coz i ave a crush on u, doesnt meant it'll b smthg else

26 February 2011


if u wanna lie
lie splendidly
dont b caught doing it

25 February 2011

worst day

if u think da day u r having
is ur worst day
stop 4 awhile n say 2 urself
"its da worst day so far...myb i'll ave worst"
so, seize dat day
n ur worst day will turn into
a very productive day


if something went wrong
dont blame others
there's no such thing as somebody else's fault
its either your fault (...which is more likely...)
or its juz something u cant help (...like death...-eyes rolling-...)
so, stop blaming others n grow up

wut do i do

wut do i do when i get bored
i'll go 2 anot-chan's room
n ask her 2 paint my nails
she's really good at it, u noe
as long as u got da outline of wut u wanna do 2 ur nails, she cud do it
smtms, she creates them herself...smtms she use da internet (lolz)
my nail art sifu
but if she's not around, i juz make up wutever i want 4 my nails
n did them myselves

pink-red-eyed mummy...tihihi

take a closer look...hehehe...

sha2 (polka dot), anot (cookie monster) n me (corset n blob)
but all by anot...tihihi

her nail polishes collection...only 3 of those r mine

23 February 2011


11 hours ago
ave a short but sweet conversation
wit a certain sm1
dat'll ensure more conversations (...hope they'll b longer...)
n now my heart is still excited
p/s:...plz b quiet a bit heart...im trying 2 work here...tihihi


"jealousy, turning saints into the sea"
-the killers, mr.brightside-

da feeling of jealousy or envy is not smthg dat is foreign 2 us
everybody has feel it
but it has certain degrees of bareable-ness...

its good 2 feel jealous of ur love ones or ur friends achievmnt
in small or moderate amount
it shows dat u trully love da particular sm1
it shows dat u'll strive 4 better

but in more-than-moderate amount
it juz shows u r an insecure paranoid person
it juz shows ur immaturity n pathethic-ness

so, b aware of ur feelings
u dont want 2 turn into a green monster, do u

p/s:...no, baby...im not talking about u... X)

hope not

was i too straight forward
dont think so
but wut if...
damn it
hope not change 4 da worst

22 February 2011


"people cm n go in ur life...but i'll stay 4ever"
yeah rite
wutta load of crap
deluded much


its freaking HOT
cud smbdy send sm1 already 2 fix da damn thing
i think da students pay enuf 2 keep da electricity going
effing hell

21 February 2011


we r living in a democratic country
where voting makes everything...well, almost...hehe
those who do not vote r deemd as 'not contributing 2 da country'
so, i vote 4 UPM's MPP
not coz i want 2...its coz i ave 2
n y do i ave 2...?...
coz if things dont go da way i want it 2 b or smthg about da system displease me
i can complaint...a lot...
coz i ave da right
so, vote 4 da 'sake' of ur 'beloved' country
so u ave da right 2 complain n bitchd about it l8er
about how corrupted da world we r living in

20 February 2011


effin hell

12 hours trip

on friday, anot n me went on a trip around kl
yeah, i noe it wasnt dat big...but we were damn tired after dat...hoho
we went to mid valley, kl central, times square, sg.wang, farenheit 88 n pavillion
we ate at popeyes, (da 1st time i ever used coupons...haha), mid, n at sg.wang's food court
we watched burlesque, gcs mid...it was 1 funny n sarcastic movie (which was y i like it...lolz)
anot bought a lot of stuff but i only bought a buffer from the body shop
n a file at kl cntrl...tihihi
we also went 2 uniq-lo at f88 but really...it was not da street fashion i expected...so dissappointed
we went 2 sm S&J stores 2 look 4 my water bottle but they didnt ave in da size dat i want
also targeted sm clothing stores at sg.wang but da prices (!)... 0.0 ...myb next month...-wink-
n when we were at pavi i got lots of static currents from anot's shirt n they hurt a bit...they ave diz 'zappp!' sound n i ave red dots on my arms n on my right thumbs... '-_-
we were super lucky as we didnt ave 2 wait dat long 4 all da trains we were boarding
da only delayed was when we ave 2 take da bus from n to upm... X)
all n all,
it was a very satisfying n tiring day
aving fun!!!
...pretty snakes charmers...

wth am i lookin at...lolz... 0.o
anot-chan's c-through nue shirt...hehe...-wink-

when it turned scarlet

p/s:...we'll try 4 longer next time...hehehe

16 February 2011


juz done wit lit n agr
now strive 4 ew 2mrrw

p/s:...2 my kpz friends...good luck in ur performance...break a leg, guys... X)

14 February 2011


after numerous tries
now juz hope da outcome is favourable

13 February 2011


another stab at it

11 February 2011


sm1 asked me wut r da diff between 'crush', 'like' n 'love' last nite
well, these r kinda da answers i gave;

crush-its unexpected n quick...it just happens...n u dont necessarily like da person u ave a crush on...but dats when u started 2 notice dat person n wants dat person 2 notice u...it faded over time...

but if it doesnt...it'll develope into...

like-u want dat particular sm1 2 like u 2...u want 2 impress dat sm1...u'll notice ur similarities between u guys...u started 2 learn more n more about him n change a bit of urself 2 assmilate wit him

if diz goes on...it'll develope into...

love-u'll do everything 4 dat sm1...n u started 2 notice ur differences...n u'll try 2 accept it...datz when u change 4 da better (...or worse...-wink-...)...

well, dats juz my opinion
wut do u think...?...-wink-...

10 February 2011

nue hair

i cut my hair
last sunday
at a saloon called derek&team...at the mines
my stylist was super friendly n nice

da front

da super short back


b4...pretty long, huh...

p/s:...t-x, anot-chan...4 introducing me 2 dat gr8 saloon n 4 da membership card...hehe

08 February 2011



03 February 2011

yuri vs yaoi

if u like manga or u like japanese stuff, u'll noe wut they r
n, no...they r not names...
if i ave 2 choose between those 2, i'll definitely read yuri mangas
coz yaoi 2 me is kinda icky...
but myb dats coz im a gal...a healthy robust 1 at dat...hehe
but seriously, guys...
i so dont wanna c 2 guys (or more...-wink-...) being intimate wit each other...
do u...?...

wut will u choose...?...





01 February 2011


had a gr8 time at mid valley...eventhough i went there alone
well, i like it smtms since nobody cud watch 3 heart-stopping-heart-pumping movies in a row wit me
but since i didnt sleep since 2100 yesterday, i kinda slept a bit on da train
upon arriving at mv, i immedietly bought da movie tickets
paranormal activity 2 at 1100 (though im 15 mins late), shock labyrinth at 1300 (though i didnt noe it was japanese), n the green hornet (which was hilarious)...n they were all PG13
i like them all especially TGH...but i did fell asleep during SL 4 about 45 mins...tihihi...
since i was so damn hungry, i managed 2 gobble up a medium meal of mcd chicken deluxe in less than 15 mins...hohoho
even im impress... XD
all n all, it was a very productive day...4 me...

da movie tickets 4 2day... X)

black really is my fav colour

trying 2 show da emo-ness...hohoho

wearing my nue t-shirt
p/s:...sorry i didnt bought u anything...but i did bought 200g of famous amos gummy candie...-wink-

nite shower n sm mani

since im going 2 mv 2mrrw
i washed my hair 2nite
n did my nails

p/s:...do u want me 2 buy anything...-wink-