25 February 2011

wut do i do

wut do i do when i get bored
i'll go 2 anot-chan's room
n ask her 2 paint my nails
she's really good at it, u noe
as long as u got da outline of wut u wanna do 2 ur nails, she cud do it
smtms, she creates them herself...smtms she use da internet (lolz)
my nail art sifu
but if she's not around, i juz make up wutever i want 4 my nails
n did them myselves

pink-red-eyed mummy...tihihi

take a closer look...hehehe...

sha2 (polka dot), anot (cookie monster) n me (corset n blob)
but all by anot...tihihi

her nail polishes collection...only 3 of those r mine

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