23 February 2011


"jealousy, turning saints into the sea"
-the killers, mr.brightside-

da feeling of jealousy or envy is not smthg dat is foreign 2 us
everybody has feel it
but it has certain degrees of bareable-ness...

its good 2 feel jealous of ur love ones or ur friends achievmnt
in small or moderate amount
it shows dat u trully love da particular sm1
it shows dat u'll strive 4 better

but in more-than-moderate amount
it juz shows u r an insecure paranoid person
it juz shows ur immaturity n pathethic-ness

so, b aware of ur feelings
u dont want 2 turn into a green monster, do u

p/s:...no, baby...im not talking about u... X)

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