20 February 2011

12 hours trip

on friday, anot n me went on a trip around kl
yeah, i noe it wasnt dat big...but we were damn tired after dat...hoho
we went to mid valley, kl central, times square, sg.wang, farenheit 88 n pavillion
we ate at popeyes, (da 1st time i ever used coupons...haha), mid, n at sg.wang's food court
we watched burlesque, gcs mid...it was 1 funny n sarcastic movie (which was y i like it...lolz)
anot bought a lot of stuff but i only bought a buffer from the body shop
n a file at kl cntrl...tihihi
we also went 2 uniq-lo at f88 but really...it was not da street fashion i expected...so dissappointed
we went 2 sm S&J stores 2 look 4 my water bottle but they didnt ave in da size dat i want
also targeted sm clothing stores at sg.wang but da prices (!)... 0.0 ...myb next month...-wink-
n when we were at pavi i got lots of static currents from anot's shirt n they hurt a bit...they ave diz 'zappp!' sound n i ave red dots on my arms n on my right thumbs... '-_-
we were super lucky as we didnt ave 2 wait dat long 4 all da trains we were boarding
da only delayed was when we ave 2 take da bus from n to upm... X)
all n all,
it was a very satisfying n tiring day
aving fun!!!
...pretty snakes charmers...

wth am i lookin at...lolz... 0.o
anot-chan's c-through nue shirt...hehe...-wink-

when it turned scarlet

p/s:...we'll try 4 longer next time...hehehe


miss majaz said...

nice ring!!!

Sayid Ann Ima said...

i noe

Anas Clay said...

fun n interesting trip u had.. n_n

Sayid Ann Ima said...

gonna make it more interesting next time