01 February 2011


had a gr8 time at mid valley...eventhough i went there alone
well, i like it smtms since nobody cud watch 3 heart-stopping-heart-pumping movies in a row wit me
but since i didnt sleep since 2100 yesterday, i kinda slept a bit on da train
upon arriving at mv, i immedietly bought da movie tickets
paranormal activity 2 at 1100 (though im 15 mins late), shock labyrinth at 1300 (though i didnt noe it was japanese), n the green hornet (which was hilarious)...n they were all PG13
i like them all especially TGH...but i did fell asleep during SL 4 about 45 mins...tihihi...
since i was so damn hungry, i managed 2 gobble up a medium meal of mcd chicken deluxe in less than 15 mins...hohoho
even im impress... XD
all n all, it was a very productive day...4 me...

da movie tickets 4 2day... X)

black really is my fav colour

trying 2 show da emo-ness...hohoho

wearing my nue t-shirt
p/s:...sorry i didnt bought u anything...but i did bought 200g of famous amos gummy candie...-wink-


miss clumsyanna said...

d only thg dat wud watch in dat list was green hornet,,other than dat, i wud pass,,hahah

Sayid Ann Ima said...

anda mmg
anyway, x scary mn pun
since its PG13 only