01 June 2011

war against boredom

for this holiday of 4 months
im not gonna find a job that requires me to go to it
ie; fast food restaurants or offices
coz i just dont want to
so, boredom is something that i have to fight
dont worry, i have all the perfect ammos

i said i dont want to find a job, doesnt mean i dont have one
i do...its just not as tiring
once in awhile, my uncle will call me and ask me to do a translation job for him
very easy money...rm80-100 for a page...
so, by just doing 5-7 pages...i ave as much money as someone who works for a month
and i dont even have to go out of my room...hehehe

but since that is an easy one and i can finish in less than 5 days,
what else do i do...?...

oh, yeah...you read that right
everyday, i find something new to clean or wash or scrub or organize
the kitchen, the bathrooms, the rooms, the living room, the fridge, the clothes, the plates, the books
and its a good think im a freak at getting things organized


very easy and accessible
i blog, fb-ing, watch movies, read mangas and stories and so many more
in fact, the cleaning helps me in a way that if i dont do anything else,
i might go on onlining 24/7

and last but not least...

going out and do anything i can think of
exercising, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, shopping, traveling
and just plain having fun

so, with all of these stuffs that im doing
boredom is a far cry...
im damn glad im a resourceful person
and glad that i can enjoy my long holiday
without the thought of going back to school (the horror!!!)
peace out, people

p/s:...just wait till the results come out...hehe...-wink-...

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