04 June 2011

junk in my room

this is a totally boring post
about the stuff i have
i just want to post it coz..........
well, i dont know...i just want to

ok, 1st...i wanna talk about the clothes that i have...where most of it are t-shirts...and when i go through my closet, there are three main colours

the most dominant
where most of them are free or gifts

and grey
the colour in between

and the others are red, green, purple and some other dark colours...so, maybe now is a very good time for me to put in a bit more colours in my attire...though my shoes are a bit more colourful...haha

and these are my accessories...i dont have that much...just the basic stuff...

well, there used to be a lot and more than for every fingers...
but some got lost (coz of me) and some borrowed and never returned (grrr)

necklaces and lockets and pendants
but only a few that i wear constantly
and some of them are rarely put on coz i deemed too 'girlish'
and these are things for my hair
hair clips and hair bands
i usually used them when i want to get creative with my hair
you'll notice that i dont have any earrings...well...that will be because i dont pierce my ears...just dont know why...i used to have magnetic ones but they got lost... :( ...oh, well...im planning to buy new ones, anyway...

guess that's all
for my boring post
its better that posting
about some lazy-ass-loser
that got on my nerve


Een Hariri said...

I love grey colored shirts!

Sayid Ann Ima said...

these shirts r easy 2 match
with most things

Sarkasiz said...

wow, don't know girls are into this.

Sayid Ann Ima said...

~ haha...myb that's juz me...lolz...