19 June 2011

my favourite house

the house that i like the most is situated in Kg Salor, Kelantan...
it's a place where people have paddy fields at their front yard, forests at the back and graves at the side
it's a place where animals like cows, sheep, ducks and chickens roam around
it's a place where ghost stories are created, told and the people dont really care
this is the house where i spent about 1-2 months every year
and the house that will always be my favourite
i love it not just because of the people that lives in it...but also because the nature of the house it self
this house has the ability to calm down me down and get my 'creative' juices flowing
i usually spent every Raya here...but since both my grandparents passed away, we spent it at Selangor...the other grandparents' house...
it has 3 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 10 rooms, 8 bathrooms, 1 reading room, 1 lovely garden, 1 huge lawn and backyard, and roofs that we can climb on and in...-wink-
and, oh...on the lawn, we have some part where we put the graves of my late grandma and grandpa and also two others...
this house, in 1 word, is AWESOME...2 words; DAMN AWESOME...3 words; DAMN F*****G AWESOME

the great house im talking about...situated infront of a mosque and surrounded by graves...also have kinda a forest at the back and the Kelantan River

 the grave yards and mosque in front of the house

front gate, the seats where my cuzs and i hang out (talking about 'life') and the 'extended' house

 trees at the lawn that we used to play everything that require running and hiding...and one of the places to parked cars

 the way into the grave yard in the lawn and i can see that we need to trim the grasses in the graves...hoho

the back yard...and the gate will lead to another gate where there used to be a garden full of veggies

 one of the dining 'rooms' and living rooms...which is also the place where we conducted most of the parties...hehe...

these are kinda storages without doors and also we used to play here when it was raining heavily and the water has no where to go...

 kinda like a small garden in the house...there used to be a lot of plants, a fountain and some fishes and turtles...but we (as kids) kinda ruined a lot of those...hehe...and the other is the picture of the place for sunlight and rain to fall on the plants

the reading room where we used to play 'ghosts' and hide-n-seek and the stairs where i admit, i've fallen from quite a few times

 the many 'corridors' of the house...there are a few more...the 1st lead to a the biggest room, the 2nd to the 'green field' and balcony and the 3rd to another balcony where we climb the roof for hide-n-seek

this storage-closet lead to inside the roof and that is the place where my foot slipped through...thank goodness the fan is not on...-phew-

just one of the places to chill...and yes...the roof top too...sitting on it and looking at the sky with my cuzs sure is nice...

just a door that leads to another set of stairs that leads outside...

 quaint english-seaside-fountain...that is a lawn 'in' the house and the last pic is of a turtle pen

my aunt's passions...decorating, cooking (she is a marvelous baker) and painting

house in a house...kawaii-ne!!!...hehe...

and now im mising the house even more...though i was just there last week...cant wait for next time... 


miss majaz said...

nice!!! love it!!

Sayid Ann Ima said...

me 2!!!

Jerry Ghazali said...

tak tahu kenapa aku suka dengan gambar-gambar dalam entri ni.

Sayid Ann Ima said...