31 May 2011

vietnam overviwe

well, here are some of the stuff that i noticed about vietnam

  1. it was very, very, green...that was my first impression when watching it from the plane...everything was different shades of green...
  2. there were more motors than cars...heck...there were more than humans...lolz...
  3. if they weren't on motor, they were in huge imported cars...like bmw, peugeot, merc and others
  4. based on that, i assumed that there were no middle class people like me or you...there were only upper and lower class
  5. the buildings were all rectangular, thin and long...like a block of chocolate
  6. the people were petite but strong
  7. they were big in the selling activities...
  8. the goods were very cheap...compared to malaysian
  9. and speaking of malaysian, there were a lot of them i met and even most of the vietnamese knew how to speak malay...
  10. at the market, we could use ringgit, usd and domn...

well, that was all...i guess
but maybe different people have different views
this was just me...
peace out


bujal X said...

pakwe vietnam hensem tak?

Sayid Ann Ima said...

ntah la
x tau ape nk dikata
yg tau ny, mereka kecil2 sahaja