04 May 2011

insensitive bitch

is different in everyone and can be perceived differently
all different types of sensitivity
as for me, just coz i appear insensitive, doesnt mean i am
i would like to think that im sensitive towards what others are feelings and what they are thinking
i can read between the lines of what they are saying to what they are actually saying
and i know what their emotions are
but, the real question is
DO I CARE...?...
yeah, just coz i understand something, doesnt mean i care
for example, i know doing this or that will get me in trouble...but like i said
do i care of getting in troubles...certainly not
if i do, i wont do it in the 1st place
so, please people...
the definition of 'sensitive' has many levels
you, yourself must understand it before branding someone
'insensitive bitch'