04 May 2011

shansha's wedding (29 & 30042011)

last friday, anot, linca, hasrul (lissa's bf) and me went to Kuantan, Pahang
to celebrate (...is this the right word...hehe...) shasha (my bff) and witri's wedding
the hard part was finding a place to stay as every pl
ace was almost full
all they had left were expensive rooms that really w
ould be a waste
besides, i didnt have that much money at all (...only
RM22... T_T ...before mommy bank in RM100...)
so, finally, we got to stay at 1 of the hotels that had 2 single beds...so, that was enough for us
at night, we went to sha2's house to watched her getting ready
she was being her late self (...as usual... @_@ ...)...haha...i hoped she changes a bit after marriage...hoho...
then, all of us went to the mosque for her 'akad nik
ah' and dinner after that
after all of that, the 4 of us went to Teluk Chempe
dak (a beach) to hang out and meet up with harry
the next day, we went to the mall first to buy some wedding gifts for sha2
we decided to buy something from Body Shop as i
t was her fav store to get body wash, perfume and things like that
after quite a while, we bought 5 different body wash for her, some men's toileteries for witri and (harry's idea but i encourage him) strawberry flavoured C...-wink-...hahaha
so, the wedding went well...she was great and the de
cor and cake looked awesome...
she employed an english theme for her wedding
all and all, congratulations shansha-chan!!!
those were two great days of hanging out with my

1st touch...sweeet...

exhanging 'hantaran' (gifts)

cutting the white cake

wooohooo!!!... \(^o^)/

will always be crazy together...luv ya, babe...hehe...

p/s:...sorry that far, eyla, shuk n ali couldnt make it...

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