13 January 2013

need to be check in the head

~sigh~...I don't know...these past few days, I've become damn confuse of what's happening and what happened...I'm confuse about reality, dreams, fantasies...maybe I fantasise too much...or maybe my dreams were a bit too realistic...but seriously, though...I would wake up from a sleep, whether in the morning or afternoon or evening, and I would think to myself "wow, what a good day" and then I realized I was just dreaming...damn it...and sometimes, when I'm reminiscing about a memory, it took me a while to realise, it's not even a real memory...it was just one of my damn fantasies...I hope this doesn't go on...coz there might be something wrong with my head...really need to check it...or maybe, I should just stop making up scenarios in my head and watching or reading real messed up stories or movies or series...should get a reality check and keep track on what's real, what's not...come on...it isn't that hard, right...I can effing do it.!. \(~_~)/


Launna said...

I do that too Sayid, I wake up from a beautiful dream and I am so happy and then I realize it was a dream and I cry...

I also dream and fantasize... it is hard... it is not easy, I think we can do it eventually:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

eventually, all will be good