27 January 2013


driving, for me, is somewhat a scary thing
though it is not on the same level as dolls and plushies... >.<
besides, I'm getting more apprehensive of it coz of accidents that I, myself, involved in and also other people's
but whatever it is, I need to know how to drive...so, I just recently continue with my driving lessons
already have the L licence, so, just need to renew it, and off I go behind the wheels
so, today was the 3rd day of my class and I also had a pre-test
alhamdulillah, I manage to pass that...though barely...
so, I can take the 'real' test later
I already aimed to take it on the 19th...so, not gonna go to class on that day...
I realized, driving isn't so hard...it just seems to be a bit harder coz I have to use manual cars during the lessons and tests
oh, well...good thing there are only autos at my house
all in all, I really hope I could got my P on the first go...if not...oh, well...what else to do except to take the test back...heee...
( ,--)\


Launna said...

I hope you follow through Sayid... I never did learn how to drive a car... yet... that is one of my goals;). I am sure you can do it:)

Fatimah Ali said...

good luck sayang :)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

thanks guys

Launna said...

Sayid, I miss you blogging... I hope you come back soon:)

Sayid Ann Ima said...

Launna: sorry...I'm just so busy with assignments and all...will get back at it as soon as things slow down... >.<