21 January 2013

again and again and again

I keep seeing those words
again and again and again
I know it's never gonna happen
but why do I still feel like this
self, I thought you are better now
you are not at all, huh self
you still couldn't get out of that, huh
self, just let it be
just stop hoping for things
just coz that thing with Twitter,
you are happy all over again
urghhh...grow up...
it's just a short thing
and you know it...you know it all along
and yet, you still feel like this
again and again and again
sucks to be you...


Launna said...

Sayid... I feel like this so much of the time... David just has to message me and I become all happy... just to be let down again... this is my year on working at letting it all go.

It can't be worse than hold on...

Sayid Ann Ima said...

thanks for the motivation