13 April 2012


well, it has been about 2 weeks already
but I just got the time to write about it
I was involved in FESTIK 2012 this semester
it was a theater competition between UPM's colleges
it was very fun and exhausting at the same time
my college, K16, made a theater performance entitled "Pattani...Di Sini Bermula"
it was about how Islam got into Thailand in the olden ages
and our production was called
'LakuLayar Production'

I acted as the queen...and the right picture was the throne where the king and I sat
it was a bit precarious...kept moving when the king get up
I just had very few lines, but was in almost all the scenes
not very good with my facial expression
as they said I have a 'smiley face' and they wanted a stern queen
heee... >_<

these were almost everyone in the production...
the two guys standing up was the king (purple) and his father (died in the 1st scene)
the dancers (girls in red and yellow) were really great
they were the ones that made our performance really interesting

this was us after the performance...my hair was damn stiff... ;p
from the left; me, my daughter the princess and the dayang
Mak Inang (supporting herself on the elbow) was also the life of the performance
she was really good for her character and very funny

 the 'fire' was the prop that I liked the most
they were very creative in making it
but sadly, it didn't light up properly during the play... :(
and all those ornaments were the queens
my head feels very heavy as all of these were of good quality
feels like wearing real gold

these were some of the other colleges performances that I went to
from left
"Gejolak" by KOSAS, "Jangan Bunuh Sam" by K12, and "Devian Dogma" by KPZ
KOSAS won the award for Best Actor
K12 got to be the winner out of 16 plays and also Best Director and Best Supporting Actor
KPZ got Best Publicity
congrats to them all.!.

 and this was me on the award giving night
the theme was 'explosion of colours'
I tried really hard to find a colourful dress
but all in vain coz it just wasn't my taste
sure, I like colourful accessories
but I prefer black/dark clothing

 and this was when we were at Putra.fm
a radio station by UPM
we were recording our play to be aired through the radio here
it was very exciting as it was our first time going in a place like this

all in all
it was 1 awesome month (March)
and I hope
more awesome thing will come

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