30 April 2012

fairy tales

I'm writing this coz of an event that happened yesterday
the event was an inter-college English drama competition
the theme was "Mixed Fairy Tales" where they were supposed to combine at least two tales into one story
and I got a bit annoyed and irritated as they got the term mixed up
especially to the organizing committee
just because a story was made into a cartoon and produced by Disney or DreamWorks or others
that DIDN'T make it into a freaking 'fairy tale'
Tarzan, Mulan, The Lion King and The Prince of Egypt weren't fairy tales
they were just tales...of moral and such...
especially Mulan and The Prince of Egypt
one was based on legends, the other on Exodus
which was clearly not a fairy tale
and they had the gall to call those 4 'famous fairy tales'
and I was like; "what...the...hell.?."
and furthermore, when there were mentions about the god and goddesses of ancient time
they were MYTHOLOGY...not fairy tales...
Norse, Greek, Egyptian
Thor, Zeus, Ra
well, since it was 'mixed' maybe they 'could'... @_@
I know, I know...stupid of me to rant on something like this
but it's just sooo infuriating.!.
if you want to organize something, make sure you do it right
sure...we make mistakes...
but when you have lots of people working together,
how come not a single person notices...
and by the way...I still couldn't believe the plays that confused me and several others won something...

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