01 April 2012

shop till you drop, with friends

these past few days, I've been shopping quite a lot
more than I normally did
but most of them were stuff that I really need
and only a few were stuff that I want
things that I need were like
facial wash, foundation, compact powder, hair clip...
and things that I want were like
dress, bracelet...
well, the best thing was that I managed to buy a dress
after quite a long time
and I'm gonna try to find another and another and another
and this was the week where I'm out with lots of my friends
the most stand out was my outing with SHASHA
she's one of my besties and it has been more than
a year and a half since I last saw her
she's 4 months pregnant now
can't wait to see her cute baby.!.
her husband, Witri, and her said they think its a boy
but I secretly hope for a girl
well, we'll just see, k
hope you have a very smooth pregnancy, Shansha!!!
-hugs and kisses-


AAINA said...

perut diaaaaaa. :D

Sayid Ann Ima said...

sat lagi tu,
kene pakai baju pregnant la pulak

~lyssa~ said...

sayid nampak ....... gegurl gitu hahaha!

sha, u luk lovely as oweys *xoxo*

Sayid Ann Ima said...

saje je
and minah 2,
of course as lovely as always
berseri2 gitu