30 September 2011


just plain lovely

28 September 2011

animal (neon trees)

here we go again
i kinda wanna be more than friends
so take it easy on me
i'm afraid
you're never satisfied

here we go again
we're sick like animals
we play pretend
you're just a  cannibal
and I'm afraid
i won't get out alive
no, i won't sleep tonight

oh oh
i want some more
oh oh
what are you waiting for
take a bite of my heart tonight
oh oh
i want some more
oh oh
what are you waiting for
what are you waiting for
say goodbye to my heart tonight

here we are again
i feel the chemicals kickin' in
it's getting heavy
and I wanna run and hide
i wanna run and hide

i do it every time
you're killin' me now
and I won't be
denied by you
the animal inside of you


hush, hush
the world is quiet
hush, hush
we both can't fight it
it's us that made this mess
why can't you understand?
I won't sleep tonight [2x]

here we go again [3x]

oh oh
i want some more
oh oh
what are you waiting for
take a bite of my heart tonight
oh oh
i want some more
oh oh
what are you waiting for
what are you waiting for
what are you waiting

here we go again [3x]
say goodbye to my heart tonight


27 September 2011

8 hours

yesterday, was the first time i experienced having 8 hours straight of classes (even though i skipped once, it still counts...hehe)
and i will have to experience this in the next 2-3 months, every monday
my classes start at 0800 and will finish at 1600
0800-1000=introduction to hospitality, tourism & recreation industry
1000-1200=english syntax & morphology
1200-1400=german III
1400-1600=critical reading & thinking
freaking 'awesome', right
lets just all hope for the best

p/s:...anot-chan...tell me how did you handle this in our 1st sem... >.<

24 September 2011



23 September 2011


today is the last day (more or less)
and im going to try to make it work
with help from friends, of course

21 September 2011

fucked up

fb is fucked up
i repeat,
effing fucked up
before, i barely bothered with it
now, i just dont care no more

20 September 2011

oh, hell


17 September 2011

1st week

the 1st week of the term is coming to an end
and i have still some things that havent settle yet
mainly, my MINOR
just knew it last thursday that we couldnt take 'translation' as a minor
we were like, 'what the hell?!'
they waited for the week to almost end to tell us
we even went to one of the classes already
niiice...very niiice... -___-
now i have to think all over again what minor i want to take
and that's gonna be real hard
since the reason i choose 'translation' in the 1st place was because i wasnt interested in the others
and here, in malaysia, they didnt really open up many choices
hope next week will go as smoothly as it can

crazy times with crazy people at crazy places

opening the story with my face on raya...hahaha...we went back to kelantan on the 2nd day of raya...which is where everything interesting started...-wink-wink-
having a fun time after a photo shoot session with my uncle...he was one very dedicated photographer...and a strict one at that...tihihi
using up most of our time playing 'am i a ...?' and card games...poker, royal, house. ghost and lots more...there were even some gambling in it...hehe...ssshhh... -_-
the guys were playing some 'zombie' game that adam created...it was fun...as no matter how old you are, you can still win... X)

playing fire crackers in the night...aqilah and daniel were fighting all the time, which was fun to watch...hahaha...and aweh was the one that 'organize' all the 'patterns'...hehe...

wish the 2 days never end and we could have fun all the time...
couldnt wait for the next time

03 September 2011


im too lazy to update
     im too lazy to go through the photos
          im too lazy to make selections
               im too lazy to get up
                    im just too damn lazy

well, these are all just for right now...hohoho...