13 November 2011

exhausting day full of awesome sports

yesterday was a very tiring but fulfilling day for me
i woke up at 0815 and slept around 0345
we got inter-college sport events and i have 2 sports to go to this week
basketball and softball
we played basketball last tuesday and we got to got to go to the quarter final
which was yesterday
which coincide with the 3rd game of softball
but since we already lost the 1st 2 games, we decided not the play the 3rd 1
besides, 3 of the players (including me) have to rest for basketball
and basketball went better than expected...
we won with k11 and got to go to the semi final with k12
though we lost, 21-13, i think it was an achievement as we could only play for quarter last year
then at night, i watched my friends played netball for their blocks and i also acted as 1 of the ref in 1 of the games
it was fun!!!
all of my fav sports in one day
what a freaking awesome day indeed


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i know, rite!!!