11 November 2011


do you ever wonder what your meat taste like?
i do
when i was about to take a shower, i looked at my big creamy thighs and i began thinking
"damn these look delicious. wonder how they taste like. wonder if i could cut a piece of my thigh and eat it."
then i proceed in thinking whether i should cook the meat first or just eat it raw
and also whether i should use any seasoning on the piece of meat
well, maybe not...coz i want to know the pure taste of it
and now i'm gonna stop here coz this makes me hungry and i'm thinking about my flesh again

p/s:...eating yourself is cannibalism, is it?


bujal X said...

potong lebih sikit~nak rasa jugak~keh keh~

Sayid Ann Ima said...

nnt kita buat bbq ya