23 November 2011


woke up around 0400 to do some slides and read up on some quiz stuff
went to faculty around 0900 to rehearse about the slides
went to class around 1010 only to know there was no presentation...only some quiz
went to KAA around 1115 to have lunch
went to kpz around 1215 to accompany in printing some handouts and rest a bit...can't download the stuff
went to class around 1345 to have the last day of language & ict
went to the next class around 1600 only to discover the lecturer was not gonna be in
went to netball court around 1800 to train for the inter-college thingy...it rained for a bit
went to KAA again around 2000 to have taekwondo practice...got to know there'll be an exam on the 15th
went back around 2300 and a bit pissed off that the whole serumpun was blacked out
cleaning up a bit in the dark and fell asleep before 2330

this may not seemed much...but i'm exhausted, nonetheless...-phew-

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