31 January 2011


i seriously need smthg 2 give me sm life
like rite NOW

30 January 2011

food addiction

top 5 foodz im addicted 2

  1. jellies...japanese style is gr8
  2. puddings...wit lots of fruits
  3. ice-creams...especially rum flavoured
  4. gummy candies...da 1 from famous amos
  5. maggi...n not other types of instant noodles
p/s:...ice-cream pudding wit fruit jellies inside r da best!!!

29 January 2011


i need more clothes
n diz time, perhaps i'll buy smthg
other than red or black
especially blacks...
my closet is dark coz of all da black clothes

28 January 2011


smtms...no...most of da time...
people r not as we c they r


even after all diz years
u still dont noe my sense of humor

26 January 2011

must ave when going out

top 5 things i must ave when im going out...
(apart from the basic money, bank card n IC...)

  1. eye liner...i'll feel naked without it
  2. 2 rings...at least...or my fingers will feel 2 light...lolz
  3. compact powder...supress da oil...haha
  4. hair clip...even if im not wearing it...
  5. lip balm...dont like my lips feeling chapped

21 January 2011

cant wait!!!

shashi is coming here
n she's gonna b sleeping in my room
n we r gonna have fun
n we r gonna partay wit lissa n anot
till we r damn exhausted

20 January 2011

cant live without

top 5 things i cant live without...
(apart from da basic air, water, food, electricity, n human contact...duh...)

  1. my handphone...wit credit of course...
  2. horror, psychological, mystery novels
  3. mangas...any kind...
  4. my lappy
  5. de internet

19 January 2011


i was wondering
y da hell
after they ave nicely wear their tudung
they wear a very short sleeved shirt
n smtms their butt almost showed (meaning da shirt is 2 short)
n smtms we can c da amount of fat that they ave (meaning da shirt is 2 tight)
im boggled
cud sm1 plz explain 2 me...

16 January 2011


i woke up 2 day wit my heart thumping so loud, i cudnt hear myself breathing
i noe y
it was bcoz of da dreams i had...
they were not scary at all...in fact, they were all very2 good...
i dreamt of aliens, people wit super powers, n an evil king
they were all very good stories
they showed in my head like very real movies
i especially like da aliens...my last dream...they were so cute
diz were all bcoz of da stories i wantched n read b4 i fell asleep
i ave da tendecy 2 dreamt wut i watch n read...especially if i did them b4 sleeping

15 January 2011


get diz freaking thing out of my head!!!

13 January 2011

bad ass

im a very bad, bad girl

09 January 2011

date with adamon

woken up around 11 by da voice of mommy asking me when im going 2 mv with adam 2 c da choco's fair
i was like; 'huh...?...i thought he didnt wanna go'...
but it turn out he wanna...
grumbled a bit...as i didnt like going 2 a place after 1000...i like it when its early...n especially, it was a saturday
since we departed around 1330...we arrived at mv kinda l8...2 me, at least...
1st we went 2 choco's fair...n after buying about rm50 worth of chocos (i didnt bought much as i dont really like chocos...except da white 1s occasionally), we went 2 buy tickets at da cinema...
da line was effing long...he wanted 2 watch gulliver's but since i already watched it, we decided 2 watch narnia at 1st...but since da tickets wud b at 2100, we bought tron's tickets
while waiting 4 da movie time, we went eating at bk (adam changed his liking from double mushroom 2 french chicken... X)...) n read sm books at mph
in da cinema, it was damn cold...-brrr-...but at least he was aving fun...
da journey back was so tiring dat my cute lil bro fell asleep on da train
but rite now, he was jumping up n down in front of da tv, watching war of da worlds on tv2...hahaha

yummy lunch...-wink-


kawaii-ne...da choco lolli, i mean...tihihi...

choco egg

adam's cut lip

08 January 2011


i was supposed 2 go 2 mv wit cik anot n other friends 4 choco's fair but i didnt
i slept at 0700 am n woke up at 1400...
how was i supposed 2 follow them at 1000...hahaha...
so, i just spent da remaining of da day playing bully on my bro's ps2
when mommy came home around 1700, she asked me if i wanna follow her 2 kl
coz she had sm function at a hotel near pavilion
i decided 2 hang out at pavi while waiting 4 her n went out looking 4 a deep-dark-purple lipsticcs
but since i cudnt find it, i bought 2 rings at diva's n a deep-dark-purple nail polish at elianto
n i consumed sm delicious donuts at j.co n washed it down wit a yummy strawberry frozen yoghurt
all in all,
it was a productive yet unsatisfying day

full but not filling

it'll look better if its in black...hehe...

a lil bit 2 bling-ish...but i cant help myself...
n its ok since they r black

whishing it is real...so cute...

07 January 2011

hello kitty

i just realize smthg...
im a pretty nice gal when it cms 2 smthg important
hehe...im vain...i noe...i cant help it... 0.o

well, anyway...da story goes like diz...
i was thinkin of going home 2day as my class is only from monday till thursday
n my last class was supposed 2 end at 1600...but suddenly...-sigh-
my german class got reschedule n so, da class wud b at 1700-1900
so, i started 2 rethink wether i shud go home or not...
but in de end, i did as the bus 2 ktm station arrived rite after da class finished...-phewww-

arriving at the station, i saw a cute little kitten (...i do accept they r cute eventhough i dont like them...-wink-...) walked rite of the edge of da platform n onto da rail
n it sat rite on da track where the wheels wud b...the horror...i started to think blood splattered all over like in jisatsu circle movie...
so, anyway...i did my best 2 lure it 2 da side n it only worked a lil bit
thank goodness a few mins b4 da train arrived, there was diz couple n the guy jumped off da platform n after chasing after it 4 a bit, managed 2 pick it up n put it on the other side of da platform...
i was so relieved...

i just hope dat the cute little kitten wont ever do dat again
n if it did, sm other good souls will try 2 save him
deaths r inevitable...but we must try 2 save lives while we can

06 January 2011


y do they like 2 change it so much

02 January 2011


im here
im also not here

01 January 2011

'nue' house

i hope u r reading diz
just showing u da 'nue' stuff in house
n me monopolizing ur side of da room
all cleaned up
not enuf space...hehe
i use ur space...tihihi...
cluttered no more
da 1 u've been waiting 4... X)

plates, bowls n cups...da always-used-ones
cleaned up matts

we need more...obviously...


i really...really...really...
dont want!!!
dont want!!!
dont want!!!
2 go buck 2 upm
i wanna stay home 4 a few more days...
or myb, make dat weeks
p/s:...im still X( coz not being able 2 go 2 monash coz of a very simple prob...(blaming him...blaming him...)