07 January 2011

hello kitty

i just realize smthg...
im a pretty nice gal when it cms 2 smthg important
hehe...im vain...i noe...i cant help it... 0.o

well, anyway...da story goes like diz...
i was thinkin of going home 2day as my class is only from monday till thursday
n my last class was supposed 2 end at 1600...but suddenly...-sigh-
my german class got reschedule n so, da class wud b at 1700-1900
so, i started 2 rethink wether i shud go home or not...
but in de end, i did as the bus 2 ktm station arrived rite after da class finished...-phewww-

arriving at the station, i saw a cute little kitten (...i do accept they r cute eventhough i dont like them...-wink-...) walked rite of the edge of da platform n onto da rail
n it sat rite on da track where the wheels wud b...the horror...i started to think blood splattered all over like in jisatsu circle movie...
so, anyway...i did my best 2 lure it 2 da side n it only worked a lil bit
thank goodness a few mins b4 da train arrived, there was diz couple n the guy jumped off da platform n after chasing after it 4 a bit, managed 2 pick it up n put it on the other side of da platform...
i was so relieved...

i just hope dat the cute little kitten wont ever do dat again
n if it did, sm other good souls will try 2 save him
deaths r inevitable...but we must try 2 save lives while we can


miss clumsyanna said...

r u trying to puji urself here sayid?:P

Sayid Ann Ima said...

lebih kurang la