22 March 2011

things people say that i like to rectify

top 5 things that when people say them, i like to rectify them
(but im not a fussy puss, ok...hehe)

  1. they say: practice makes perfect.....i say: practice makes better (curtesy of him...-wink-)
  2. they say: rules are made to b broken.....i say: rules are made to b followed
  3. they say: so many things 2 do, so lil time.....i say: dont blame time, u gotta plan it rite
  4. they say: all -insert noun- r like -insert adjective.....i say: not all
  5. they say: im not a hypocrite/-insert noun- is a damn hypocrite.....i say: everyone's a hypocrite


Anas Clay said...

rules ARE made to be broken.. agagagaga

Sayid Ann Ima said...

mn ade