25 March 2011

hell week

this is the worst week ever

~transportation probs
~my heart almost stopd...twice...1st, when i just noe we got only 10 days 2 complete a 100+ pages novel n 2nd when my name got called 2 ask a Q when i really wanna skip da class
~kept going 2 gazebo 2 get da shirts but kept failing...dat were no easy walks
~ave 2 suddenly write a short story, 5 pages, in less than 1 1/2 hour in class based on a drama script dat i didnt really understand...this was da worst...
~juz noe dat im gonna ave a full week of presentations from 4th till 8th of april
~feeling lethargic coz it's dat time of the month
~cud only get back 4 juz 1 day (not even full) n then ave 2 go 2 uni again...didnt even ave time 2 meet mommy

p/s:...thank goodness 4 the lil small good things dat happend...if not, i'll go crazy...t-x 2 my friends...

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