30 August 2013


sooo...August truly is a very busy month...after so many events and outings, I just now got the time to update on them all
and the 1st event I'll update on is ANIMANGAKI 2013!!!

sooo...the event was held for 2 days...the 24th and 25th of August
and let me tell you, it was freaking amazing.!.
I got to meet my awesome new cosplayer friends on the 1st day
and hang out with my BFFs and lilsis on the 2nd day
here are some of the photos that my friends and I took during the event;

my outfit for the 1st day...kinda a neko-goth-loli thingy

me and our cosplay group
they were pretty laid back people
I like... (^_^)v

some of the many cosplayers I took picture of

our Kaichou singing in the Idol Competition...she's really cute.!.

and there was also this thing for the longest Nasi Lemak line or something
I wonder where all the food went to

and this is me on the 2nd day
going as a 'yuppy' Enma Ai (Jigoku Shojou)

 with my crazy friends and lilsis
and Din bought a RM50 Zanpakuto, Benihime
it was, pretty neat

taking photos of and with some of the other cosplayers

 some of the people participating in the duet cosplay competition
I think Sonic team won
but can't quite remember
they were pretty damn good though

 one of the performers on the 2nd day
can't quite remember her name
but she was from Thailand and she was a pretty good dancer

they put up these papers where we can draw or write or sign our names
I just wrote 'awesomeness'
but there were sure lots of talented people who could drew great stuff

all in all
it was a damn good event
I really hope I could go to the next big event, Comic Fiesta, in December
and meet up again with my group
and new people

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Launna said...

Sayid, nice to see you posting again... so glad we are in Twitter and Instagram... I get to keep updated at least :)