20 July 2013

Happy 3rd B-day.!.

HAPPY 3rd B-DAY.!. to my lovely blog
you've been with me for 3 years as of yesterday (19072013)
I know I've neglected you for a while
and I know sometimes the things I wrote were somewhat cryptic
but I know you've always understand me, anyway
lets hope there are many more years to come for us
and here's a delicious candy cake for you
(~ ,^^)~


Launna said...

Happy third birthday to your blog Sayid... so happy to see you back blogging... I am also glad to be on instagram with you, yay :)

Al Kisah said...

happy birthday.. blog nie macam myspace..colorful

Sayid Ann Ima said...

Launna; thanks.!.and I'm also happy to get back to blogging...and glad to be on Insta with you too... X)

Al Kisah; seronok sikit colourful...boleh convey banyak emotions through colours...tihihi... />.<