16 August 2011

canca's b-day (14082011)

last sunday was canca's 20th b-day...since it's the fasting month, we couldnt go all out in a day of fun, fun, fun!!!...so, we just went to subang parade after berbuka and eat some (i mean, a lot!!!) of ice-creams at baskin robin...we like it there since it has a lot of flavours...

 us goofing around in the car...hohoho...

my cherry jublie (my fav!!!) and cotton candy (effing sweet) and canca's cheesecake...there was also adam's cookies and cream, but he finished it before we could take the pic...mommy couldnt but her fav since they didnt have the flavour that she wanted

 om nom nom nom...yummilicious stuff!!!

after we finished all of it, i could feel my head spin coz of all the sugar in my blood
thank goodness i have high tolerance of sweet stuff
well, lets just hope i dont get diabetes in this young age
~~( *o*)~~


Sarkasiz said...

eh, tell me this is not in ramadan.

Sayid Ann Ima said...

ramadhan la
kn ke dh kata kt atas 2
besides, ahad lepas nie