03 October 2010

eventful sunday

it was a day where good things n bad things happened
i woke up around 7 n started 2 get ready 2 go 2 klcc wit adamon
then, we took da taxi n then da ktm n then da lrt
we were really hungry by the time we reached klcc
we decided 2 buy da movie n petroscience tickets 1st
but dat turn out 2 b a bad move as we didnt ave da time 2 eat
our petro journey started at 11 n da movie was at 1510
but we did ave da time of our lives playing n learning (-eyes rolling-)
i knew we wud b in there 4 a long time...n i was rite...a lil above 3 hours
but in there, my phone died n i lost my glasses...waaa!!!... T_T ...just ave 2 buy a nue 1 now...-sigh-
after dat we watched the hole...it was pretty cool
about things dat we fear da most
as usual, on da way back, there were so much people we ave 2 let da 1st train passed n boarded da shuttle train
when we arrived at station batu tiga, we had 2 wait almost 30 mins 4 ayah n then headed 2 giant 2 buy some groceries
n, now im still at home n ave 2 wait 4 2mrrw 2 get back 2 upm
so, not looking 4ward being on da train at 6 in da morning
oh, well
all well ends well

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