31 May 2011

what the...

as i was browsing through fb and some blogs
they made me think
"what the hell is wrong with kids, nowadays"
they posted about things that they shouldnt
i mean,
i know its your blog, freedom of speech (...wait, what?...), and whatever
but think about what will happen in 5-10 years time
you dont want the damn thing to keep hanging over your head, do you...?...
just waiting to come down and slice your head off
which is a very cool image, by the way
im no saint...
but please keep your sins to yourself

vietnam overviwe

well, here are some of the stuff that i noticed about vietnam

  1. it was very, very, green...that was my first impression when watching it from the plane...everything was different shades of green...
  2. there were more motors than cars...heck...there were more than humans...lolz...
  3. if they weren't on motor, they were in huge imported cars...like bmw, peugeot, merc and others
  4. based on that, i assumed that there were no middle class people like me or you...there were only upper and lower class
  5. the buildings were all rectangular, thin and long...like a block of chocolate
  6. the people were petite but strong
  7. they were big in the selling activities...
  8. the goods were very cheap...compared to malaysian
  9. and speaking of malaysian, there were a lot of them i met and even most of the vietnamese knew how to speak malay...
  10. at the market, we could use ringgit, usd and domn...

well, that was all...i guess
but maybe different people have different views
this was just me...
peace out

30 May 2011

vietnam, day 3 (26052011)

and so, the last day came...it really wasnt enough...these 3 days...we couldnt stay longer coz mommy have to work on friday...boohoo... :( ...but we had a great time, all in all... X)

mommy and kak koh packing up all the new stuff that they just bought...sooo maaany!!!

the bed where i got my full body massage...it was damn great...mommy and mama karimah went along too...and it was only 10usd an hour

at saigon/ho chi minh airport...we brought 7 bags in and more than 15 bags when going out...bought a lot of stuff and a few extra bags to accommodate those stuff...tihihi...

my passport, in and out tickets...the out tix was much prettier...malaysia was trying to save by giving resit-like tix...hoho

other than the things shown above, i also bought a pair of jeans, a few key-chains, some fridge magnets, a hand-made mirror and baju kurung for raya...

we arrived at klia around 12.30 am as the flight was delayed...and i hope there are going to be many more fruitful trips in the future... 8)

vietnam, day 2 (25052011)

vietnam time was 1 hour late from malaysia...which meant, if it was 6am in vietnam, it would be 7am in malaysia...but the condition of the day was just da same...meaning that at 6am, vietnam was as bright as malaysia at 7am...and the day started early here...so, we woke up before 6am and get ready for a tour to chu chi tunnel at 7.30am...

having breakfast at the hotel...but all we could eat was bread and fruits...since the others were non-halal...but nontheless, the food was great and i simply lurve the butter...

the bus that took us around...and our tour guide was funny...he was friendly and his job really suited him...he made us tourists felt welcome and interested in the things he showed

we went to this place 1st where handicapped people made very beautiful and marvelous handicrafts...and you could see how pretty they were...even some1 as fully functional as most of us couldnt make these...

this is the entrance to go see the tunnels that existed during the vietnam war with the americans

above was the replica of the tunnel and that was the smoke hole...they made it far from the entrances so the american soldiers couldnt get to them...the tunnels had 3 levels and it was complicated with sick rooms, kitchens, fighting rooms and all...


the deadly weapons they made with their own hands...cool, right...

buzy night market...i bought a lot of stuff this night...at great prices... XD

yummylicious drinks at another halal restaurant...most of the workers were malaysian and they had nice sambal belacan...tihihi

and the 2nd day ended with me falling on the bed...exhausted... (-.-)

vietnam, day 1 (24052011)

on tuesday, 24th may, i went to vietnam with 6 members of the family...ie: mommy, kak koh, anah (kak koh's daughter), suti, mama karimah and ayah chik (mama karimah' husband)...before that, we changed some money to us dollars as that was what we were going to use mostly in vietnam...

reading 'Japanese School Girl Inferno' while waiting for the plane at klia...it was a damn interesting book about japanese girls' fashion from the early 60's...i love it...it also kinda acted like a guide...telling what to buy and how to wear and where to go...it was a great book...

in the plane...just before take off...and im kinda sad that i forgot to take pictures of vietnam when the plane went above it...coz our return flight was at night...ho-hum...

on the straight escalator...anah, mommy, suti and kak koh... X)

outside of the saigon airport...while waiting for the taxi/van that would bring us to our hotel in the city

the market and side walk stalls...where everything could go below half the 1st said price...oh, yeah...you heard me rite.. 8O

eating at vn.halal restaurant...it was near our hotel...we walked here...they even had a malaysian food section in the menu...except, they spell it 'malaisn'...if im not mistaken...hehe...

this was our lovely hotel...i forgot the name...tihihi...but it was gr8 since it was very near to the spas, saloons, restaurants and even the markets...aweeesooome!!!
ayah chik and mama k had their own room...so, us 5 shared a room with 2 double beds...i slept on a third mattress since not enough room...but i liked it...it was right in front of the tv...

well, that was it for a very intereting 1st day... v(^o^)/

26 May 2011

last day

sorry 4 neglecting u
wait, it has been only 2 days, rite
well, 2day is da last day
i'll update u on my activities
when i come back
from vietnam

24 May 2011


just made a tumblr acc
and im still trying to figure it out
thank goodness im not that slow
on the up take
but im still a bit confuse about some things

the acc:... tumblr

21 May 2011

blood experiment

im bored
i did my nails
i have a lot to refi

like this 1st look...before i cleaned up the sides...

lined with black

my thumb...hoho...

couldnt live this alone...pink made my fingers look shorter...lolz...

19 May 2011

lethal lazinesss

now i know why i got sick the other day
it was because i didnt really do anything
that was beneficial to my body
things that move my body vigorously
i came to that conclusion today
when i was cleaning up the whole house
felt like my body was alive!!!
oh, yeah
so, try not to be too lazy
as it is lethal

18 May 2011


i want to go back
to where i was before
where we were all before
before the madness started to control our minds
before the sins started to corrupt our bodies
before the capitalists started to rule our lives
back to whence
we still believed in the innocence
and the purity of mankind
i want the sweet innocence again
but we were only that when we were 7

16 May 2011


since last week
i've been going to the hospital
to take care of grandma
well, it wasnt really hard
i just ave to sit and get up when the nurses wanted my help
n 95% of my time, i just watch movies or sleep
i've only spent my nite there twice
eventhough the air-cond is giving me sore throat
i look 4ward to my time there
besides, she took care of me when i was little
now its my turn
karma, rite

oh no...

not again...

14 May 2011


im feeling cranky
stay away
you are gonna be
collateral damage

12 May 2011


once upon a time, while i was just trying my luck
i came upon a site to watch Gossip Girl online
since then, i dont have time for anything else
and now, not only that
i also found sites
to watch
NCIS, Heroes, Supernatu
ral and also The Vampire Diaries
so, forgive me for neglecting you
and blame them for
my heavy eye-bags and darker dark-circles around my eyes
blame myself
im addicted
and im doomed
somebody help me!!! ...or dont...i dont mind...


...the vampire diaries...

...gossip girl...



p/s:...lets just hope i dont find anymore...hohoho...

10 May 2011

early birds get the worms

how can i wake up early
let say around
8 or 9am
when im not even asleep yet
at 12pm

09 May 2011

slow day

im taking the day
as slow as mercury spreading on the floor
woke up early (...around 7.45am...)
cook some brunch
n sleep till 7pm (...from around 2.30pm...)
im such a
laaaaziiie asss

08 May 2011


today is my birthday
i was born in general lubbock hospital, texas, usa
at 7.01am
in the year 1989
today is my lil bro's birthday (...awesome coincidence...)
he was born in hospital tengku ampuan rahimah, klang, selangor
at 3.24am
in the year 1999
n today is also mother's day
which means that today is all about mommy
since she was the one who went through lots of pain
to give birth to both of us
t-x, mom
1 word to sum up today
luuurvvve u guys

adam and me

mommy and me